Fetch yourself a place close to nature with Kingsford Waterbay

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Kingsford Waterbay"With the rapid urbanization and the rising growth of industry and factories, nature and the natural habitats have constantly been depleting. It is thus a very good opportunity with Kingsford Waterbay to get you a home surrounded by Mother Nature all around. The developers behind this newest project have made sure to make the area and the condos turn into something that every person seeks for after a tiring day. The entire place is surrounded by trees and small water bodies so people feel at peace and can enjoy their stay, even if it’s a weekend getaway or a permanent place of residence. This newest project by Kingsford Development has everything that you wish for in that perfect condo. For the convenience of the customers, they have also made the show flat and even put up the price list for the specific condos.

Main reasons for the purchase

To be quite frank, just the simple layout of the place can definitely be self-explanatory why the demand for this place has been rising. In order to make it easier to chalk out the reasons, we have listed some of the most important factors why people have been keen on buying the same.

  • The communication with the entire condo and the surrounding area is definitely something that is amazing and without a doubt very convenient. It is within a few minutes distance from the Hougang MRT station and also the main city area.


  • The schools and other shopping malls are very close by making it easier for the people.


  • Not just that, the entire area has all the primary facilities and amenities that you might require for your entertainment or simply to be able to stay there without any problems happily. Even the layouts of these condos can be modified and customized depending on what you want.