Tips on how to use facial hair epilator with a pain free process

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "epilator"The facial hair is a bang for the women as it gives their face a unmatched appearance. Women generally have hair in areas like chin, upper lips, below the ear etc. on their face. Using a razor would give them manly beard hair while using hair-removing cream can be harmful due to the chemicals to the eyes. Henceforth, epilator is the safest option for such difficulties.

With metallic tweezers on the plates, disc and spring, they very perfectly remove the hair from the roots and do not allow them to appear for nearly 2 months. There are women who use the facial hair epilator every 6 months. However, getting them from their roots is quite painful.

Here are few tips to remove then with less or zero pain.

  • Use of exfoliation process is quite beneficial before and after the use of epilator.
  • Make sure your skin is free from any kind of chemical so that the side effects are minimized. In case you have any doubt, wash your face clearly and dry it.
  • Check the prescription of the epilator before you use it. Some epilators are waterproof while some are not.
  • Hold the epilator in a parallel position. This would protect your skin to be pulled while using the epilator.
  • There are painkillers available that are mild. You can have them half an hour before you start with epilation.
  • Do not harshly use the epilator. Make a smooth and gentle move.

The use of epilator may result in some minor side effects on face like pimples and redness but they would vanish within few hairs for a clear skin. Some also face problems like in grown hair, which can also be cured with the kit that comes along with some epilators.